my background & experience

Creating designs using aesthetic principles and user behavior in mind

As a generalist designer with core discipline in Visual & Interaction Design, I have a wide range of experience working alongside different sectors of organizations:

From small startups (e.g BlackBox AI) to enterprise (e.g Google) to reputable design firms (e.g Cibo Global) and large advertising agencies (e.g BBDO).

Fundamentals of VisD & IxD practices


Every design project starts with empathy. It is about listening to both client and user needs. And getting to the truth.


Good design is prototyping, building, thinking, and iterating. It is about adding as well as removing what is unnecessary.


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

Things I value as a designer:

Designing for the people

I'm not interested in the mindset of designing products in the hopes that people would just consume them. Don't need new shiny things. We've really ought to listen to the struggles and problems most people have and design for that.

Human life extension

How can we extend it? Better yet, how can we slow down the aging process? Whether it be a cure for a disease, AI to work for us, better lifestyle to reduce stress, reduce child obesity, et. al.

Ask me anything

So, I know I've only showed you four of my selected projects. But there's plenty more that I can share with you (offline). Just let me know! ✌

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