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Celebrating the SF culture and lifestyle into BBDO interface

  • While working as independent designer:
  • Design lead: Mira
  • Digital Producer: Elizabeth
  • Digital Consultant: David
Screenshots of BBDO's older website (Homepage)
Screenshots of BBDO's older website (People)

Identifying the goals

BBDO is an award winning full service advertising agency. While they are a global agency, I've worked with the San Francisco office.

Elizabeth, their digital producer, had proposed that BBDO website needed an update. The previous/older website had a theme on the People page to which it revolved around "contradictions". It was fun and it was witty. 

For the new website, we should keep the concept of a theme, but with a new idea. What makes BBDO/SF unique from the rest of other BBDO global offices? 



For the Culture page, I came up with a Day In the Life of BBDO in SF concept. The intro section would have a time lapse video of how it is like to be working at BBDO in SF from 9am to 6pm.

And the story went something like this (using stock images as placement holders):


Focusing on the People Values

It turns out, while the idea of having the time lapse video was favored by the team, including Jim Lesser (ceo), it was not feasible to finish by expected launch day.

But we had another plan. When we had asked around "What makes BBDO so special? What's your mantra?". They all gravitated the top 10 People Values.

While their tagline is mostly known for "It's all about the Work, the Work, the Work", ... it's clearly shown that it's definitely about their values, just as much.


Establishing visual language

Straight forward and simple.


Design & Build

BBDO is obviously known for advertisements, as they have won many awards including Gold Cannes Lion. Let's celebrate the work by enriching their visibility on the website with motion.

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Ask me anything

So, I know I've only showed you four of my selected projects. But there's plenty more that I can share with you (offline). Just let me know! ✌

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