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Giving the brand narrative a new voice to care for your family's ear health

  • While working as independent designer:
  • Design lead: Mira
  • UX lead: Divya
  • Marketing lead: Cordelia
Screenshots of Cellscope's older website (Homepage)

Identifying the goals

Children having an ear infection is highly common and very painful. Roughly 80% of children 3 years and younger get infection at least once in their lifetime. My daughter, at the age of 6 months, went through her first ear infection that had us panicked nearly at 2am. We couldn't confirm what it was until we had rushed her to the emergency. Had we known about CellScope at the time, we could've saved a lot of money and time.

CellScope built a smart tool that attaches to your iPhone and lets you take a video of the inside of your child's ear. That video gets sent to an associated physician to detect and confirm if your child has ear infection within minutes.

An amazing product and service startup, such like CellScope, deserved a better convincing marketing website. It needed to address parents' pain points, how fast and easy the service is, how painless it is, and educate the different types of ear infections.

Screenshots of older Cellscope's mobile app


I started collecting a lot of screenshots of their direct and indirect competitors to compare their narratives, colors, photography, typography, etc.

Then, I used the 4 quadrant spectrum to gauge and see where Cellscope felt comfortable being perceived by target audience.


Telling the Story

On their previous/older website, I had mentioned earlier on that it had lacked emotion, addressing pain points, and flow. It tried to tell the audience how "easy it is to use", but it did not show how.

For the redesign, I had proposed that it should start with an immediate way for returning user to purchase the product. If they're not convinced, they'll continue learning about how easy it is to use with 3 simple steps and showing them with pictures or diagrams. Followed with the benefits of using the product.

Once they're comfortable learning the benefits of it, we tell them what is included in the package (otoscope piece, app, and a plan).

Then, everything else is indexed. We educate them the different types of ear infections. And testimonials of loyal users.


Establishing visual language

What I've found from the moodboard (see above), the commonality of color tones were calm, subdued, and safe. Similarly, a lot of health care organizations have.


Design & Build

After the website redesign was finalized, I worked alongside the UX lead to apply the visual language to redesign the mobile app.

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