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Keeping Cisco safe through campaigns and gamification

  • While working @ Perspective Lab:
  • Design lead: Mira
  • Creative director: David
  • Project manager: Vina
  • Sr. account manager: Susy
  • 3D modeler: Juan
  • Icon designer: Renea
  • Developers: PixelSmith


of confirmed data breaches leverage a weak, default, or stolen password.


is the average total cost of a data breach


of ransomware infections came from email in 2016


Identifying the Goals

As Cisco team members create, use, share and store information and data assets, it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware, be alert and be secure in safeguarding data assets for Cisco, our customers and our partners.


Creating concepts

Keep Cisco Safe is an innovative, internal risk mitigation campaign that encourages employees to complete specific awareness and education tasks on an internal website in order to learn security best practices and solutions. Through gamification and rewards-based education, we are helping team members connect the security dots across the enterprise, with topics ranging from Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL)to Adware/Malware, Data Protection & Privacy and Phishing.

While the Monster toys are limited, the first few thousands to complete all the tasks are rewarded. The rest are rewarded with a new shiny digital badge.


Wireframes & Sitemaps

On a single sign-on system, a Cisco employee could visit the microsite to start or complete their tasks by taking a quiz, reading through content, and watching videos.

Their status of completion will update on the dashboard from the homepage. 


Establishing visual language

Using Cisco's brand colors, we took that to its advantage and make the microsite colorful and fun.


Design & Build

To keep things a bit more interesting, we've added an animated eye on Zeke the Monster for the homepage.

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