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Refreshening the display of innovation through Kateeva's brand

  • While working @ Perspective Lab:
  • Design lead: Mira
  • Creative director: David
  • Project manager: Vina
  • Sr. account manager: Susy
  • Developers: PixelSmith
Screenshot of Kateeva's older website

Identifying the Goals

Kateeva had built the world’s first inkjet printer engineered OLED production. What really differentiates them from all the rest of the OLED manufacturers is the speed in which the OLEDs can be produced and making it very cost effective in a nitrogen environment.

While Display Week was soon approaching, they wanted to redesign their multi-lingual website for enhanced brand and company image.


Generating Concepts

How do you make a high tech manufacturer visual appealing for procurement companies?

I tried to think beyond the surface of the end products, which are flexible displays. Bringing out the vibrancy, colors, and animation would tell a playful story of how inkjet printing works.


Wireframes & Sitemaps

One of the biggest key factor of this redesign was to bring awareness that Kateeva was soon launching a new product. This new addition shifted everything they had on their old site. 

Their products, technology, and philosophy as a company took equal weight of precedence. Through rounds of sitemap and wireframe iterations, we agreed that a high level positioning statement about what they stand for should lead into what they create, how they create it, and how they can be connected.


Establishing visual language

When we thought of Kateeva’s technology of inkjet printing and thin coat encapsulation, colorful layers and dots came to mind.

Although flexible mobile screens may not yet be in the consumer market, we’ve 3D rendered some to visualize the potential of how that could look like using Kateeva’s products.


Design & build

Complex animated parts went into this website that took many rounds of iterations to behave precisely. We're lucky enough to have partnered with PixelSmith who are always diligent in making all of our projects according to plan.

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